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Quran and Books

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Whether Quran institutes are small or big, we will be delivering these precious Quran gifts to all who needs it especially to independent mom and dad learning hubs. At a small scale, many Imams and teachers reached out to us and asked us to contribute to these prints, now and more than ever, we are ready to give out as much as possible. We understand the demand and we understand the types/parts of Quran needed to teach our youth with.

Not all students learn the same way, color coded Quran prints help struggling students to stay motivated and progressing. Be part of the family of Quran by placing these Quran prints in the hands of HUNDREDS by donating. Here are the different prints needed:

  1. Complete book, color coded Tajweed Quran (from Surat   Al-Fatiha to Surat Al-Nas).

  2. An Amma part, it's also called Juzu Amma or part 30.

  3.  A Tabarak part, which starts from surat "Al-Mulk' " till        surat "Al-mursalat".

  4.  A Yassin Quarter which starts from surat "Ya-sin " till   surat "An-Nas".

  5. A booklet of Surat Al-Baqarah. 


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