• Zack Shaheen

Preparation for Ramadan by Dr. Mohammed Alo.

Who is Dr. Alo?

Dr. Mohammed Alo, DO has been lecturing on weight loss and obesity around the country since 2001.

He did all of his medical school, residency, and fellowship with the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in Chicago.

He is Board Certified Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Some things you may not know about him:

He is a Certified Personal Trainer

Played high school and division 1 college football

Has been playing and coaching sports his entire life

Plays basketball and soccer every week and lifts weights 6 days per week

Has 4 beautiful children that all play sports and he has coached all of them

How to prepare for Ramadan..

1. Exercising in Ramadan

2. Losing weight.

3. Perfect time to QUIT SMOKING

4. Running Reduces Mortality by 50%

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