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General Aid

Sometimes we need help with small things. Maybe, its help with gas to get to work as you wait for your next paycheck. Maybe, its help with finding a job. Maybe, its help to make your childcare payments.  Whatever it is you may need, someone out there may be able to provide it.


We, at Ascend Institute, want to be the organization to provide these supports to those in need; however, we cannot make the difference we want to make without you and your donations. General aid donations will help us to continue being a pillar of support in our community. Your donated funds will go to:


  • transfer funds for other projects when needed,

  • administrative costs,

  • operational costs,

  • marketing,

  • office supplies,

  • faculty and staff,

  • traveling expenses,

  • lawyer and counseling,

  • and all other administrative tasks necessary.


To continue being Ascend Institute with such a grandeur mission, WE need you, Our community needs you!


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